Mother’s Day – Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is only a week away and like most people I have left my shopping for the week before. If you have not bought your wonderful mother a gift yet and you are stuck for ideas then have a look at some ideas below.

I think there are few moms who don’t enjoy baking especially when the kids help out and it becomes a family affair. You can never have enough baking equipment and baking tins.

Every woman loves to feel good and smell great. Treat your mom with some great soap that smells great and has such lovely packaging. You can never go wrong with a good DKNY and Versace perfume. A mother will appreciate anything that she can pamper herself with. We all know how moms like to stay in shape so buy her a pair of 2 kg dumbbells for when she goes for a walk.

Spoil your mom with some yummy treats from Woolworths. They make the best shortbread and they have many other delicious treats to choose from. Their packaging this year has bright pinks, purples and blues. How about buying your mom a set of stunning tea cups and saucers for the next time you visit her for tea.

Get your mom a great bag and a set of earrings and your gift is complete or how about a funky ring to bring out the modern woman she is. Mr Price has these great cushions for her living room.

One is never too old for gadgets. Dion Wired have some great specials on for Mother’s Day. A great book, dvd or cd is always a great gift. Exclusive Books is also having a great mother’s day promotion.

So no matter what your mother likes there are plenty of items out there that she will love. Now the mission is just to choose from the thousands of options… that shouldn’t be too difficult right? Right?

Have a wonderful day with your mom and I will be posting up some mother’s day cards and packaging on Tuesday the 8th May that you can download and print. So don’t forget to come back and have a look.



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