Lookbook – More and More Talent

Black & Neon YellowOne of my favourite outfits I saw recently on Lookbook is this stunning black dress with neon yellow accessories. I realise not everyone can pull this many neon yellow accessories off all at once, so if you don’t want every eye in the room on you then simply tone it down by wearing just the shoes and the belt . A pair of neon yellow stud earrings instead of the heart earrings will also look great with this dress.

This black neon look is called Black+Yellow by Meri W, who is a freelance photographer and blogger from Poland.

LookbookThis bright look is by Konstantina T from Athens.

Lookbook lookLook by Tricia G who is 23 years old.

Lookbook look smartThis simple but striking look is by Kristina B who is from Switzerland.

Lookbook blues and greensThis Neon blue look is by Olya E who is 22 years old and from Moscow.

lookbook rockerThe lady rocking the green hair is Masha S who is 23 years old and loves fashion.

Lookbook dressThis look is by Chesley T who is from San Diego, CA.

As much as I love colour I love wearing black and white. This black and white dress (below) is stunning! This image looks like it should be on a wall somewhere displayed as art rather than just a fashion shot. Flávia D is from Brazil and has the best looks at the moment (in my opinion). There are thousands of lookbook members and more than 100 times that amount of images so obviously I am judging from what I have seen. Each time I go on I am surprised at the talent. It honestly never gets old or you never feel like you have seen all of these before. Having a look at the lookbook website if far more inspiring (fashion wise) than paging through top fashion magazine (once again, in my opinion). Reasons been that many of these designers or photographers are so young and have incredible talent, many without any qualifications. The designers cater for every type of fashion lover from the most eccentric down to the very conservative.

Lookbook elegant black and white dressLook by Flávia D who is 25 years old and from Brazil .View some of Flávia’s other looks below.


Lookbook edgy look

Lookbook modern neon

Lookbook green dress leopard purse

Lookbook black and white with goldThis look is by Jessica S who is a 23-year-old blogger from Sydney.

Lookbook super chicThis look is by Alana R who is 23 years old and from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lookbook pretty dressThis look is by Alana R who is 23 years old and from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lookbook mens suitThis look is by Edward H who is from San Diego.

Lookbook mens suit chicThis look is by Gabriel R who is from Spain. This is one sexy photo.

Lookbook casual sexyThis look is by Cindy V who is a 27-year-old blogger from Amsterdam.

I love this photo!

Lookbook American detailThis look is by Ashlei L who is 24 years old and from Portland, Oregon.

Lookbook classic shirt red skirtThis look is by Wendy H who is a blogger and artist from Glasgow.



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