colouful chest of drawersPatchwork Chest of Drawers

I love walking into stores or waiting rooms and seeing some very unique decor pieces that you did not expect to see there. Things that almost don’t belong because you can’t believe a doctor’s room or a shoe store would have something that funky or creative on display.

Suitcase chairSuitcase Chair

Suitcase chair floral

Decor is another form of art for me and inexpensive unique pieces are harder to find these days unless you paint, recover or design something yourself. I love multi-purpose items, items that don’t only look pretty for decor purposes but actually have a useful function too. I found a few fabulous items online especially on Etsy. The only problem I have with Etsy is that the stores/individuals sometimes only stock one item and once it’s sold that’s it, good-bye pretty thing. Many of the decor pieces I found I thought would be great for DIY decor ideas and they will hopefully inspire you to go take that old chest of drawers and turn it into your own unique piece of art.

wooden head boardModern Wooden Headboard

Vintage DresserVintage Dresser

white wood vintageNight Stand

vintage ipod player

Neon Yellow light switch coverLight Switch Plate

neon frames

Neon Frames

BeddingModern Globe Bedding

Bedroom decorWall artWall Art Organiser

Fridge art chalk boardFridge Chalkboard

I love this chalkboard idea for the fridge. It makes it impossible to forget something since the whole family uses the fridge. The monthly office organiser is a great idea too and easy enough to clean.

toast and egg

Toaster and Egg Maker

LemonadeLemonade Dispenser

cute cup holder

vintage old clock scaleScale Clock

Vintage pink phonePink Vintage Phone

I love how some old items simply need a polish and a coat of funky paint and then they are “modern vintage”. In the case of the scale clock no paint paint job or retouching needed just a new piece added and you have a whole new item.

Shower headLED Shower Head

Toilet monster sticker

Mason jar soapMason Jar Soap Dispenser

Door mapDoor Mat

key holder

Key Holder

Dog house



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