Unique Pieces – Strange or out of the box

I have come across some seriously weird items on the internet that are available to purchase. I often think, wow these people obviously don’t want to make money or you are kidding me! People actually buy this trash? I suppose normal is over rated and what’s considered normal anyway right?

I have to say though some items brought back some good memories. When I was in high school my friends and I would often buy people two gifts. One as a joke which we would obviously give first and wait for the predicted “oh thank you it’s really nice” reaction or “is this a joke!” (How to separate the liars from the blatantly honest individuals). For this blog post I added things that are a bit strange or items that are outside the box or clever in their design.

Random tinRandom tin

I need a couple of these tins for all the random stuff I have.

My friends are all dead book

I can see a lot of kids in tear before bed time with a title like this. It’s not a bad book but can you just imagine ” Would you like me to read you all my friends are dead tonight darling?”

Lickety spoonLickety Spoon

How to get your children to take their medicine.

Bacon Frosting icingBacon Frosting

I wonder if you need to warn vegetarians before you serve this at a birthday party.

bacon flavour mintsBacon Mints

Yes because people use mints to make their breath smell like food? This idea is kind of bizarre. I think I’d just prefer someone to eat bacon and not have a mint afterwards than use these mints.

fake pregnancy test toyFake Pregnancy Test

I wonder how many poor souls have had a heart attack or been convinced into marriage with this one. Boys watch out there are crazy ladies out there. I love how the label says “GREAT FOR: MARRIAGE! EXTORTION! LAUGHS! “. Somehow I don’t think the men were laughing at the time.

Onto the “more” normal and rather clever ideas.

Ear buds earphonesEar Buds Earphones

This is a clever idea as kids are always looking for colourful funky earphones. These earphones come in different shapes and the designs appeal to both boys and girls.

Mouse house plugNow I can’t guarantee that this will keep your kids fingers away from the plugs, the opposite is true. It looks great though. Child supervision is advised.

Piggy bank digitalDigi Piggy

I LOVE THIS! I think it is such a cute gift for a kid. It’s a great idea to allow kids to  see exactly how much they are saving. No more breaking those old piggy banks.

gangster car graterGrater

Super cute, a nice accompanying gift for a house-warming.

ipod jukeboxJukebox

This is a great modern idea and the design of this jukebox is stunning. I can see this been a great piece of decor at any party, young or old.

Cut faces panCute Faces Pan

This is my favourite! I am sure adults will enjoy this as much as the kids will.

Have a look at these websites if you are looking for some unique or slightly crazy gifts that you won’t find at your local store.

Always fits

Shop Plasticland

Fresh finds



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