At the center – 7 wedding centerpiece tips.

wedding centerpiece ideas A centerpiece may be the focal point on a table but it does not have to be too extreme or cost you the earth. Many brides have created something special with a few flowers and a mason jar. Just because you choose something that is DIY or looks DIY does not mean you have to do it yourself, it could however land up saving you a lot of money at the end of the day if you did.

7 tips on how to have/make a fabulous centerpiece on a DIY budget.

1. Buy some of the items yourself. If you choose to have a glass jar or book in the centerpiece ask the decor company if you can supply your own and get a discount on the centerpieces for doing so. If you are doing the centerpiece yourself buy books from a second-hand store or use some of your own. Buy the glass jars and jugs directly from the supplier if you can. In South Africa Consol glass would be the best option.

2. Be aware of things when you shop or page through magazines.
You will often find the item you are looking for, for cheaper when shopping around or reading the captions below the images in bridal magazines. You might even find an idea that is similar and equally beautiful but is less effort and less expensive.

3. When doing a centerpiece yourself ALWAYS go straight to suppliers or factory stores first. Smaller stores have to put a further mark-up on products, which might be convenient but it will be more expensive. You will also be exposed to a wider range of items at the supplier.

4. Choose flowers that are in season or buy fresh bunches. Buy bunches of fresh flowers from your local flower shop and arranging those in jars or vases. This will save you a fortune. I did this at a friend’s party the other day and we managed to get 10 centerpieces out of 2 bunches of flowers. It’s more than a week and the flowers are still alive and pretty. I only paid a quarter of the price I would normally pay for flowers (bonus). When you find a punch you like be sure to take a photo of the bunch and ask if it will be available at the time of your wedding.

5. Practice makes perfect. If you plan on doing it yourself, the flower arranging can be a bit tricky so practice as many times as you need to. Don’t get frustrated as having something on the table you designed or created from scratch will be worthwhile. It gives your wedding that extra personal touch. Take photos so that the day before the wedding the person arranging it for you knows exactly how you want it arranged.

6. A little bit of ribbon and lace can go a long way. Spice things up with some ribbon, twine or lace to give your centerpiece that finished look. If you’ve chosen a colourful or vintage tin then you might want to skip the ribbon or lace, see what works and go with it.

7. Make sure to place your table number on or close to your centerpiece. If your table number is fairly plain this will bring it to life and complement the centerpiece.

Have a look at the lovely images below for inspiration and centerpiece ideas. I’ll start with five of my favourite images. These five images stole my heart and it was LOVE at first sight! Five times that is ;)

Centerpiece book pastel shades weddingImage credit: The High Life Suite

Table setting centerpiece with books and mason jarsImage credit: Fanantique

Elegant vintage centerpiece tinImage credit: Heart Love Weddings

Centerpiece and table setting RusticImage credit: Miss to Missus

White flower centerpiece in silver vaseImage credit: Tipsy Bride

Yellow modern centerpiece

Wine bottle centerpiece rusticImage credit: My Wedding

Wine bottle centerpiece table numberImage credit:  Martha Stewart

Modern colourful flower centerpieceImage credit: Brides

Colourful Vintage centerpiece DIYImage credit: Sour Cherry

Rustic vintage colourful tin centerpieceImage credit: Martha Stewart

Modern rustic vintage centerpieceImage credit: Aileen Tran

Vintage rustic bowl centerpiece

Rustic wood centerpiece DIYImage credit: HWTM

Please click on Hwtm link to see the full tutorial.

Rustic flower wood centerpiece Image credit: One Wed

Colourful flower centerpiece woodImage credit: Brides

DIY Jar centerpieceImage credit: Heather Spriggs

Centerpiece birdcage vintageImage credit: Sawdust and Cream

Vintage jar centerpieceImage credit: Ruffled Blog

White flower wood rustic centerpiece

Rustic colourful centerpieceImage credit: Bravo Bride

White jug centerpiece vintageImage credit: Knots and Kisses

Milk jug centerpiece vintage rusticImage credit: Rock My Wedding

Colourful flowers and jar centerpieceImage credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Blue Mason jar centerpieceImage credit: Magnet Street

Centerpiece purple books and jarImage credit: Celebration

So many pretty ideas to choose from! Remember to never underestimate your creativity when creating a centerpiece.



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