Modern Wedding Bouquets

Colorful-paper bridal-bouquet Image credit: Sweet Bliss Wedding

Bouquets are one of those items at weddings that have kicked the traditional bucket. I’m not saying that traditional bouquets are not beautiful, they are just not as popular are as the more modern bouquets. Many brides are choosing succulents or fabrics to make up there bouquets.

Paper flowers are back but they are now more elegant and are usually made up of softer tones such as pastel pinks, coral, pastel yellows, mint green and baby blues.

Candy bouquets are fun, colourful and quirky. It’s a nice fun touch at a wedding.

weddings-candy-bouquetImage credit: Onewed

the little heather bouquetImage credit: Etsy

Rustic satin rose bouquet

Fabric-pastel shades-bouquetImage credit: Pretty Pear Bride

rustic-wedding-bouquetImage credit: Wedding Chicks

I love this rustic bouquet above. Wedding Chicks have a DIY tutorial up on their website so if you like what you see in the image go have a look at the tutorial.

Etsy-wedding brooch-bouquetsImage credit: Etsy

Wedding bouquets made up of brooches are becoming rather popular lately. Etsy has a nice range on their website. Many vendors only create these bouquets or have them available in their stores with other wedding accessories so have a good look.

ribbon-bouquetImage credit: Preston Bailey Brides

Hanging pink jewel bouquetI think this is a really cute idea. Simple, yet stunning and easy to carry.

protea-wedding-bouquetImage credit: Love Wed Bliss

Proteas make the most beautiful wedding bouquets and look good with most flowers. They also look absolutely stunning in table arrangements or even on their own in a glass jar.

Succulent-organic-wedding-bouquetImage credit: Belle the Magazine

Green-succulents-white peonies-bouquetImage credit: Bouquet Wedding Flower

Modern wedding white anemone bridal bouquetImage credit: Brides

Modern-california-wedding-hot-pink-purple-wedding-flowers-with-green-succulentsImage credit: Onewed

White-blue-bridal-bouquetImage credit: Fashions Designs

Colourful-modern-wedding-bouquetsImage credit: Bride Orama

colourful bouquetImage credit: Project Wedding

Colourful-elegant wedding-bouquet

wedding-bouquet-flower-jewelImage credit: Belle the Magazine

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your wedding bouquet or bridesmaids bouquets. A pop of colour can make a huge difference. Jewels catch the light and give you a bit of sparkle so choose a bouquet that suits you and your personality, after all it is YOUR big day.



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