Colour palettes for every occasion

fun colour inspiration

I recently came across a website called Design Seeds. This website has thousands of colour palette options at the click of a button. I went through hundreds and I intend on viewing them all when I have more time. The website is by Jessica who I’d like to call a colour palette genius! She has been working as a color specialist for over 18 years and it shows. Jessica has literally thousands of colour combinations and colour shading options. If you are in interior decorating, graphic design, fashion or any other creative industry you must have a look at her website and blog. Even if you just want to paint your room and need some colour inspiration you will not be disappointed, overwhelmed maybe by the selection but that’s all part of the process. Below I have added some of my favourite combinations so far.

vintage colour inspiration

winter colour inspiration

soft blues and browns_colour inspiration






colour inspiration


peacock colour inspiration




Summer colour inspiration





Go colour crazy and take your time browsing through design seeds. It truly is colour heaven!



Modern Wedding Bouquets

Colorful-paper bridal-bouquet Image credit: Sweet Bliss Wedding

Bouquets are one of those items at weddings that have kicked the traditional bucket. I’m not saying that traditional bouquets are not beautiful, they are just not as popular are as the more modern bouquets. Many brides are choosing succulents or fabrics to make up there bouquets.

Paper flowers are back but they are now more elegant and are usually made up of softer tones such as pastel pinks, coral, pastel yellows, mint green and baby blues.

Candy bouquets are fun, colourful and quirky. It’s a nice fun touch at a wedding.

weddings-candy-bouquetImage credit: Onewed

the little heather bouquetImage credit: Etsy

Rustic satin rose bouquet

Fabric-pastel shades-bouquetImage credit: Pretty Pear Bride

rustic-wedding-bouquetImage credit: Wedding Chicks

I love this rustic bouquet above. Wedding Chicks have a DIY tutorial up on their website so if you like what you see in the image go have a look at the tutorial.

Etsy-wedding brooch-bouquetsImage credit: Etsy

Wedding bouquets made up of brooches are becoming rather popular lately. Etsy has a nice range on their website. Many vendors only create these bouquets or have them available in their stores with other wedding accessories so have a good look.

ribbon-bouquetImage credit: Preston Bailey Brides

Hanging pink jewel bouquetI think this is a really cute idea. Simple, yet stunning and easy to carry.

protea-wedding-bouquetImage credit: Love Wed Bliss

Proteas make the most beautiful wedding bouquets and look good with most flowers. They also look absolutely stunning in table arrangements or even on their own in a glass jar.

Succulent-organic-wedding-bouquetImage credit: Belle the Magazine

Green-succulents-white peonies-bouquetImage credit: Bouquet Wedding Flower

Modern wedding white anemone bridal bouquetImage credit: Brides

Modern-california-wedding-hot-pink-purple-wedding-flowers-with-green-succulentsImage credit: Onewed

White-blue-bridal-bouquetImage credit: Fashions Designs

Colourful-modern-wedding-bouquetsImage credit: Bride Orama

colourful bouquetImage credit: Project Wedding

Colourful-elegant wedding-bouquet

wedding-bouquet-flower-jewelImage credit: Belle the Magazine

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your wedding bouquet or bridesmaids bouquets. A pop of colour can make a huge difference. Jewels catch the light and give you a bit of sparkle so choose a bouquet that suits you and your personality, after all it is YOUR big day.



Trash to Art

Woman_Trash SculptureSculpture by Osha Neumann

Trash has never looked so good! The saying “get your mind out of the gutter” does not apply here as you’ll need to think “dirty” and most of these artist most likely got their trash out of the gutter. Art made from trash has become widely popular and many artists have designed and painted artworks while incorporating trash to add depth and dimension to their pieces of art. It is not a new idea but is has become more popular with the recycling trend.

It is difficult to believe someone can create the most amazing works of art from trash. You can spend ages staring at their artworks trying to figure out exactly what trash they used to create such an amazing piece.

woman-_albany_bulb_artOsha Neumann works as a defense attorney for homeless people at a Berkeley law center. He is also an artist and creates these amazing works of art at Albany Bulb which was a former landfill largely owned by the City of Albany, in California. The Bulb is the west end of a landfill peninsula jutting west from the east shore of San Francisco Bay.

Trash art_Man reading_albany bulb

Trash art_man standing_albany bulb

Another artist who likes to use trash, among other things to create art is Jason Mecier. His work is fun and creative and I loved his website. I was amazed with each images I looked at. He has created artworks from trash, food, beads and candy.

Jason Mecier_Pink_trashPink by Jason Mecier.

MJ_Jason Mercier_trash artMary J Blige by Jason Mecier.

N cage_Jason Mercier_art trashNicolas Cage by Jason Mecier.

Some of Jason Mecier’s work that is made from candy.

Taylor Swift_Jason Mecier_Candy artTaylor Swift by Jason Mecier – Made from candy.

Taylor Swift close up_Jason Mecier

Wonka_Jason MecierWilly Wonka by Jason Mecier – made from RedVines

wonka_close up

Another artist who creates some truly unique pieces is Vik Muniz. He also uses scrap metal in may of his artworks. View his collection on his website.

wasteland_vikmunizVIK MUNIZSEAHORSE-309x387_Vik Muniz

BIRD-309x387_Vik Muniz

If there is one artist who uses trash that stands out for me it is artist Tom Deininger. His art is absolutely amazing and his attention to details is wonderful. He has an amazing collection for you to have a look at on his website



Art that is very different to the rest of the artworks made from trash is shadow art. Tim Noble and Sue Webster pile up trash and scrap metal to create these amazing shadows.

Wild-Mood-Swings_Tim and Sue

Tim and Sue_Shadow Art

French artist Bernard Pras’s art is very detailed and he has “re-created” many famous artworks out of trash.


Sayaka Ganz has done many art exhibition and artworks that are made from recycled material.

trash _horses Artwork by Sayaka Ganz

Have a look at the individual artists websites, you won’t be disappointed.



Bridesmaids Dresses – Love your dress

Modern gray and pink  bridesmaid dressThis one of the more modern and fun bridesmaid dresses out there. I love styles like this for 2013. Image from: Coren Moore

If there is one dress that ladies dread trying on the most it has to be the bridesmaid dress. I know of friendships ending and bridesmaids dropping out of weddings over the “DRESS”. I would personally wear a brown bag to my friend’s wedding if that is what she wanted. I do understand the arguments and tears that occur due to this item of clothing. A room filled with emotional women and an ugly dress can only end in tears.

Here are a few tips to avoid those nasty hair pulling arguments and how to ensure you and your bridesmaids are happy with the dress(s) that you chose.

Tip 1: Be sensible, playing Bridezilla never got anyone anything except friendless. Sit down before you discuss the topic of the dress with your bridesmaids and see what dresses you like in the stores and online. See what colours and trends go with your wedding and decide on a colour(s). An indecisive bride is a time bomb…. stress the switch and your friends and family the casualties so be sure to know what you like and what you can’t stand. That is at least a start.

Tip 2: Now that you have the colour(s) sorted decide on whether or not you want all your bridesmaids in long or short dresses or perhaps a mixture of both. This will cut out the debate when buying the dress and half the dresses in the stores. If you chose to mix it up then that’s fine at least you know what you want by the time you go shopping.

Tip 3: Think about styles and fabric you’d prefer. Select a few as not all of your bridesmaids have the same figure and height so some fabrics and styles might look good on all of them.

Tip 4: Make sure you go shopping for the dresses well in advance. Stress runs high for everyone close to a wedding especially for the bride. The last thing you want is to not have your bridesmaids dresses sorted a few weeks before the wedding and it lands up in an unnecessary argument.

Tip 5: If you’re buying the dresses online give yourself enough time just in case you have to return them or have them altered. Now I know some people are afraid of buying dresses online but I can tell you, you’ll have a better selection online and you’ll be able to get the latest trends before they hit your local stores. Find a good dress-maker that is a queen at alterations and take your bridesmaids along and ask their opinions as well as the dress-maker’s opinion on how to alter a dress if needed to work best for each bridesmaid’s figure.

Tip 6: Be realistic, women have body issues…. some far more than others. No one wants to feel and look ugly at your wedding. An unhappy bridesmaid is not what you want, you want this to be a good experience for all of you. Hear your bridesmaids out and if they have concerns LISTEN! Many brides decide to have different dresses in the same colour and similar styles because not all their bridesmaids look good in one style dress. A bridesmaid in a silly ugly dress is a bad reflection on you as a bride at the end of the day. Every bride wants to be the center of attention but don’t put your bridesmaids in ugly dresses because you want to look good. Karma’s a b*&%h.

Tip 7: Remember your bridesmaids have to move around on the day so putting them in the shortest and tightest dress you can find is not practical. However buying a dress that they can use at a later stage for another event is a bonus for the ladies. Be careful not to chose a dress that shows too much skin. You are having a wedding not a college party.

Tip 8: Tell the bridesmaids in advance whether or not they have to pay for their own dresses. However I am completely against asking your bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. People can argue that they get to keep it, well if that’s your argument then you shouldn’t have a say in what they chose and then yes you can ask then to pay for it or contribute towards it. If you can’t afford to pay for it but want complete say on what gets chosen then I think it’s ridiculous to ask someone else to pay for their dress, shoes etc. Wedding etiquette…….

Trends for 2013

2013 bridesmaid dress trends seems to favour the one shoulder dresses in long or short dresses. Styles range from long elegant and flowing dresses to cute shorter dresses.Many shorter dresses are either belted at the waist or have some embellishment on it. Two-toned dresses are big as well for  the more modern brides. Colours I noticed a lot of for 2013 were purples, greys and blacks. But don’t let the trends dictate your colour choice.

Modern tow toned bridesmaid dressAdore…Adore… Adore……. Image from: Coren Moore

Purple bridesmaid short dressImage from: Monique Lhuillier

Long grey elegant bridesmaid dressImage from: Monique Lhuillier

One shoulder white bridesmaid dressImage from: Monique Lhuillier

One shoulder bridesmaid dress

This is a perfect example of a dress that your bridesmaids can keep and wear for another occasion.  Image from: Nord Strom

Bridesmaid dress back view detail

Black full length bridesmaid dressImage from: Nord Storm

Long elegant bridesmaid dressImage from: Jlm Couture

Full length deep purple bridesmaid dressImage from: Jlm Couture

jim-hjelm_occasions_bridesmaidImage from: Jlm Couture

Full length pink bridesmaid dressImage from: Pretty bridesmaids

One shoulder bridesmaid dress in purpleImage from: Pretty bridesmaids

Blue bridesamaid dress one shoulderImage from: Pretty bridesmaids

One shoulder grey bridesmaid dressImage from: Nord Strom

The good thing about the above dresses is that most of them can be worn again at a later stage for another special occasion. They’re too pretty to be worn once.



All Caked Out – Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakesI found some really lovely cakes online the other day. This always happens when I am searching for other things and then I some how land up finding cake instead! There were two websites that really caught my attention so I decided to browse through their websites and have a good look at their portfolios. Three little blackbirds and The Caketress took my breath away with their remarkable creativity! These two companies really know how to design pretty cakes and their attention to detail especially with their hand-painted cakes and edible flowers is exquisite.

White and cream pearl cakeImage credit: My dream wedding decorations

I love this cake design for a vintage wedding.

Cream ruffled wedding cakeImage credit: Yummy wedding food

Aqua and grey wedding cakeImage credit: Venue safari

Modern colourful abstract wedding cake

Black and white modern typography wedding cakeImage credit: Brides.

I love how clean and simple this cake is. A nice way to not get a messy monogram is to have the pieces separate as in the image above instead of painting it directly onto the cake.

Purple candy wedding cakeImage credit: Brides. A candy decorated cake. Clever and cute! The cake topper is also super cute and a great DIY cake topper idea.

Bride and groom cake popsImage credit: Arktimes

I like the idea of cake pops but I suggest that you still have a wedding cake even if it is a small one. You don’t have to serve the smaller cake to your guests. At the end of the day you don’t want to regret not having one at your wedding.

pleated blue and coral wedding cakeImage credit: Jens cakes

This cake reminds me of a pretty summer dress that flows in the wind. Jens Cakes makes some really amazing cakes and cupcakes. Have a look at her website and blog at Jens Cakes.

Lavendar lace wedding cakeImage credit: Three little blackbirds

Three little blackbird has to be one of my favourite cake websites. I liked/loved everything I saw on their website. It’s hard to believe someone can create something that beautiful out of cake. I love the attention to smaller details on the cakes. No matter how small something is on the cake it looks amazing.

Vintage colour wedding cakeImage credit: Three little blackbirds

Purple flower wedding cakeImage credit: Three little blackbirds

Pastel pink and blue wedding cakeImage credit: Three little blackbirds

Whimsical trio of cakesImage credit: The Caketress

If you are looking for a company that has tons of experience, has been featured numerous times and has cakes that truly stand out then you have to take a look at The Caketress’s Facebook page. They have more than 200 photos for you to have a look at. I love their trio of cakes idea; it’s a nice idea if you can afford three cakes at your wedding :)

Pearl orange and silver wedding cakeImage credit: The Caketress

Stunning orange and silver wedding cakeImage credit: The Caketress

White cake with flower detailsImage credit: The Caketress

Blue and white elegantImage credit: The Caketress

Colourful abstract wedding cake artImage credit: The Caketress



At the center – 7 wedding centerpiece tips.

wedding centerpiece ideas A centerpiece may be the focal point on a table but it does not have to be too extreme or cost you the earth. Many brides have created something special with a few flowers and a mason jar. Just because you choose something that is DIY or looks DIY does not mean you have to do it yourself, it could however land up saving you a lot of money at the end of the day if you did.

7 tips on how to have/make a fabulous centerpiece on a DIY budget.

1. Buy some of the items yourself. If you choose to have a glass jar or book in the centerpiece ask the decor company if you can supply your own and get a discount on the centerpieces for doing so. If you are doing the centerpiece yourself buy books from a second-hand store or use some of your own. Buy the glass jars and jugs directly from the supplier if you can. In South Africa Consol glass would be the best option.

2. Be aware of things when you shop or page through magazines.
You will often find the item you are looking for, for cheaper when shopping around or reading the captions below the images in bridal magazines. You might even find an idea that is similar and equally beautiful but is less effort and less expensive.

3. When doing a centerpiece yourself ALWAYS go straight to suppliers or factory stores first. Smaller stores have to put a further mark-up on products, which might be convenient but it will be more expensive. You will also be exposed to a wider range of items at the supplier.

4. Choose flowers that are in season or buy fresh bunches. Buy bunches of fresh flowers from your local flower shop and arranging those in jars or vases. This will save you a fortune. I did this at a friend’s party the other day and we managed to get 10 centerpieces out of 2 bunches of flowers. It’s more than a week and the flowers are still alive and pretty. I only paid a quarter of the price I would normally pay for flowers (bonus). When you find a punch you like be sure to take a photo of the bunch and ask if it will be available at the time of your wedding.

5. Practice makes perfect. If you plan on doing it yourself, the flower arranging can be a bit tricky so practice as many times as you need to. Don’t get frustrated as having something on the table you designed or created from scratch will be worthwhile. It gives your wedding that extra personal touch. Take photos so that the day before the wedding the person arranging it for you knows exactly how you want it arranged.

6. A little bit of ribbon and lace can go a long way. Spice things up with some ribbon, twine or lace to give your centerpiece that finished look. If you’ve chosen a colourful or vintage tin then you might want to skip the ribbon or lace, see what works and go with it.

7. Make sure to place your table number on or close to your centerpiece. If your table number is fairly plain this will bring it to life and complement the centerpiece.

Have a look at the lovely images below for inspiration and centerpiece ideas. I’ll start with five of my favourite images. These five images stole my heart and it was LOVE at first sight! Five times that is ;)

Centerpiece book pastel shades weddingImage credit: The High Life Suite

Table setting centerpiece with books and mason jarsImage credit: Fanantique

Elegant vintage centerpiece tinImage credit: Heart Love Weddings

Centerpiece and table setting RusticImage credit: Miss to Missus

White flower centerpiece in silver vaseImage credit: Tipsy Bride

Yellow modern centerpiece

Wine bottle centerpiece rusticImage credit: My Wedding

Wine bottle centerpiece table numberImage credit:  Martha Stewart

Modern colourful flower centerpieceImage credit: Brides

Colourful Vintage centerpiece DIYImage credit: Sour Cherry

Rustic vintage colourful tin centerpieceImage credit: Martha Stewart

Modern rustic vintage centerpieceImage credit: Aileen Tran

Vintage rustic bowl centerpiece

Rustic wood centerpiece DIYImage credit: HWTM

Please click on Hwtm link to see the full tutorial.

Rustic flower wood centerpiece Image credit: One Wed

Colourful flower centerpiece woodImage credit: Brides

DIY Jar centerpieceImage credit: Heather Spriggs

Centerpiece birdcage vintageImage credit: Sawdust and Cream

Vintage jar centerpieceImage credit: Ruffled Blog

White flower wood rustic centerpiece

Rustic colourful centerpieceImage credit: Bravo Bride

White jug centerpiece vintageImage credit: Knots and Kisses

Milk jug centerpiece vintage rusticImage credit: Rock My Wedding

Colourful flowers and jar centerpieceImage credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Blue Mason jar centerpieceImage credit: Magnet Street

Centerpiece purple books and jarImage credit: Celebration

So many pretty ideas to choose from! Remember to never underestimate your creativity when creating a centerpiece.



Cake Toppers – Something Cute, Something DIY.

Wedding Cake Toppers are a tricky item to shop for. I suggest you save yourself time and frustration and have one custom made or try the DIY route, that way you save money and get what you want.

Laser cutting can be rather expensive so if it doesn’t fit into your budget try making your cake topper yourself. Choose a design that you can cut with a craft punch or a pair of scissors. You’ll need patience and a good pair of eyes for this option. They didn’t teach you to cut in school for nothing.

Image source: Wendy Weeks

Cake Topper letter RThis is a very cute, simple and effective idea. Typo stores are currently selling these individual letters for rather cheap in white and a plain wood finish. An initial or two, some flowers and you’re sorted. However if you’d like to purchase the above design you can find it on Etsy

Yellow Cake TopperI really like this fun twist on the normal silhouette design. A little colour and a simple white cake becomes something extra pretty. Once again this is actually quite easy to make. A simple colour print and the right craft punch and you can have your own version.

Typography Cake TopperThis typography style cake topper is a fairly new idea and I have not seen many that look this good. Etsy has a store called Miss Sarah Cake that sells many different types of typography cut out cake toppers. Be sure to check it out!

Floral Cake Topper 2 I love these different flower cake toppers, they are so well made and the attention to detail is amazing. A topper like this would make any cake come to life. You can purchase them on Etsy or get crafty and try doing it yourself.

Floral Cake Topper

DIY vintage teacup cake topperThis one is my favourite. I just love this idea and it is SO simple!

See how to make it yourself on Bridal Cookie. This is definitely something I would recommend to my brides in future.

DIY polaroid cake topperThis is another clever idea that has a rustic feel to it. See how to make it yourself on the Ruffled blog.

Rose Cake TopperI think the above image’s cake topper is made from paper flowers. I was unable to find the original source (silly people that pin things without a reference to the original). I had to add it though as it is really pretty and I like the colour combination. Far too pretty to keep to myself!

Birdie Cup Cake Wedding TopperSome brides prefer to have cupcakes instead of a wedding cake or have both and the guests eat the cupcakes instead of the actually wedding cake. Cupcake toppers are just as important as a cake topper and it is a cute feature on the cake/dessert table. Unfortunately the above image is no longer available but you can find similar items on Etsy.

Cupcake Toppers Vintage ParisThe above image is form Etsy but once again unavailable. This is rather simple to make though. Get your hands on a few rolls of washi tape found on Cute Tape or ask for it at your local craft store. Cut the washi tape in strips of about 9cm and simply wrap it around a toothpick or cocktails stick if you need something thicker. Make sure to place the stick in the middle before you fold the washi tape. Your own little cupcake toppers!

Vintage Cupcake ToppersAvailable on Etsy.

DIY Cupcake Toppers If you are a hands on bride and you want to make or decorate your own cupcakes you can find the above DIY kit on Beeyond Paper. Your local bakery supplier should have similar kits or you could make up a package yourself. This is a nice idea as a gift for kitchen tea. If you know the bride is making her own cupcakes just make sure you buy enough for all her cupcakes.

Cake Topper B&WFind this and many other pretty silhouette cake toppers on Simply Silhouettes. 



Lookbook – It never gets old!

Modern black dress with wedges_fashion photographyMira Berglind

I’ve already done two posts on Lookbook in the past few months and I’ll be posting more in the future. Why do a post on the same website so many times you may ask? Well it’s simple… Things never get old or boring on this site. The more the website grows the better the talent gets. If you want to follow fashion or fashion photography and you’re tired of the same boring looks in glossy magazines or being confined to a certain style then you will really appreciate Lookbook. Lookbook has looks that you can actually wear and find the clothing online as most contributors have the item’s details posted below their looks.

College jacket and black skirt_fashionCindy Van der Heyden

Green pants and shirt_fashionKristina Bazan

Jessy Gosselin

Yellow jersey with pink moustache skirt_fashionFlávia Desgranges van der Linden

silver and nude shades_fashionJennifer Grace

Black lace dress_fashionJennifer Grace

black and white look_fashionAlana Ruas

Jean and shirt look_fashionThilda Mörlid Berglind

Thilda has some really cool fashion shots on her page. I chose two images and posted them below. Go have a look at her page and scroll through her looks for some more really amazing fashion shots that include great photography and editing.

black and white fashion shot_fashion photographyI love this photo!

black and white fashion shot_2I strongly believe in supporting young talent so go check Lookbook out and fan or comment, whatever you can do to support and encourage these young designers/photographers.



Nail Art – Surprisingly Artistic

Nail Art

I don’t normally go for things like this but I was surprised to find such cute nail art images this week. I actually stumbled upon them by mistake….. I guess it was fate then.

Now I know nail art can border on being kitsch so keep it clean ladies. I am not very adventurous when it comes to nails but I do like the plain pink one with the white heart and the green floral one as well. I think some experimenting is in order ;)  I’ve got paint on my hands and nails a thousand times so why not paint a thing or two on them as art.

I like some of the combinations for stationery design. The stripes and floral in particular. Enjoy getting creative!

Bright Floral Nail Art

Blue & Pink Floral Nail Art

Purple Floral Nails

Pink Nail Art

Nail Art_Girl B&W

Pink and Blue Nails

Mustache Nail Art

Hot Pink Nail Art

Funky Nail Art

Nail Art Floral Stripes

Floral and Stripes Nail Art

Cute Bee Nail Art

All images are from favim



Wedding Magazine – You & Your Wedding UK

Wedding inspiration ideasYou & Your Wedding is a modern wedding magazine from the UK. Cosmo Bride UK merged into this magazine roughly 1 year ago. The latest issues of You & Your Wedding are beautifully laid out and I have to say they have done a really great job of taking some of the best ideas from Cosmo Bride UK and incorporating them into their magazine. I was very disappointed to hear Cosmo Bride had come to the end of its magazine life but You & Your Wedding makes up for it.

I personally believe wedding magazines are not just for brides. Yes, you get asked “when is the wedding “ when purchasing them and you get a few looks when you say I’m not getting married but what you gain from purchasing them is worth all the looks. Bridal magazines have the best decor ideas, stationery ideas, cake ideas and table setting ideas you’ll find at the flip of a page. If you have anything to do with the wedding industry or you work in decor you should be keeping up with wedding magazine trends locally and internationally. Even if you just like pretty things and blog about them, you won’t be sorry about buying these little treasures. Many wedding magazines have DIY sections now as well so if you are into crafts have a look at the wedding section next time you are at the bookstore.

I highly recommend You & Your Wedding for the following reasons:

1. Fantastic and unique selection of wedding dresses. Beautiful photography spreads of modern and traditional wedding dresses.

Wedding dress

2. Simple and classic moodboard styled pages featuring great fashion pieces, accessories, cakes, stationery and decor ideas.

You & Your Wedding_decor ideas3. Bride Candy section – Here they create a look/style and do a full spread on it with decor, flowers, cake and stationery ideas. Basically anything and everything you would need to think of for the wedding day. It’s a great idea because it allows you to envision your own wedding and see if that style is really what you want. They also cover what’s trending and have fun ideas and details to add a personal touch to your wedding.

Wedding inspiration ideas4. Useful articles on planning your wedding with fabulous trips to save you time, money and tons of stress.

5. Beauty tips to make you glow. Fashion and accessory ideas.

Bridal accessories

6. Quite a few real wedding features with all the days’ details from the dress to the table settings. The bride’s story and the vendors used by the bride.

You & Your Wedding 2011_real weddings

Real weddings

7. Trend setting spreads on what’s hot this season and what each season should look and feel like.

8. COLOURFUL SPREAD, SPREADS and MORE SPREADS!  I love this magazines photography shots.

You & Your Wedding magazine spread

9. Fashion suggestion pages for bridesmaids, the brides mum and the groom.

10. Honeymoon trips, from what to pack to where to visit.

11. IDEAS ON BASICALLY EVERYTHING: Bouquets ideas, cakes ideas, stationery ideas and table setting ideas all in one magazine.

You & Your Wedding_ wedding bouquet ideas

Pastel coloured layered cake

You & Your Wedding_decor ideas

wedding table setting and flower ideas

You & Your Wedding 2011_ decor and stationery ideas

Go buy their latest issues and see for yourself what an exciting and creative wedding magazine this is. You won’t be disappointed as they truly cater for every type of women and cover all wedding styles.

If you are unable to get hold of You & Your Wedding at your local bookstores you can purchase the latest copy and back copies all the way back until 2007. I’d say buying up until 2010 is a good idea. See link below.


All images courtesy of You & Your Wedding 2010 – 2012.